Research Assisstant Position in Dr. Elizabeth Jakob’s Spider Lab

Project Description : 

I am a second-year Ph.D student looking for an assistant to help me design experiments, read scientific literature, and run trials in a visual ecology lab. I study behavior and visual capabilities in jumping spiders using a custom-made machine that tracks retinal movements. The selected applicant will be trained to use this machine, work outdoors to collect spiders, and help with other tasks around the lab. This position also offers potential for intellectual growth, as the selected applicant will be present for lab meetings and involved in discussions about current literature and experimental protocols. An ideal applicant will have taken a class in animal behavior or physiology, be patient with finicky tasks requiring good hand-eye coordination, and be comfortable with computers. Experience with programming language and coding is also a plus!

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Name of Lab: 

The Jakob Lab

Contact Person: 

Maggie Bruce

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