Biosynthesis of plant natural products and their applications

Project Description : 

Our lab is interested in unravelling how natural products are biosynthesized in various crop species and medicinal plants.

Plants produce an array of chemicals for adaptation to their ecological environment. These specialized metabolites have been adapted for use as pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. Our research includes identification and biochemical functional characterization of the enzymes to decipher biosynthetic pathways of interest (with a focus on terpenes) and incorporation of protein engineering to understand the mechanistic basis of enzymes of interest.

To help us towards this goal, the lab is seeking undergraduate lab assistants to perform lab organization and maintenance duties as a foundation to future lab work. This includes media, stock solution preparation and assisting in laboratory experiments in the first semester. This develops a solid foundation to embark on individual undergraduate projects.

The position will be for class credit during the Fall and Spring semesters for at least
6 hours - 2 credits for freshman and
10 hours – 3 credits for sophomores and juniors

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The Mafu lab

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Dr Mafu

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