Alice Y. Cheung

Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Massachusetts

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Ph.D.: Yale University
Postdoctoral Training: Harvard University

Molecular and Biochemical Studies on Sexual Plant Reproduction

Sexual plant reproduction depends on intimate interactions between the male gametophyte (pollen) and a number of tissue and cell types in the female reproductive organ (pistil). Upon pollination, pollen grains have to deliver the male gametes to the egg cell for fertilization. This process, known as pollen tube growth, is highly efficient and is directional—pollen tubes always elongate from the proximal end of the pistil where pollination occurs to the distal end where the egg cells reside inside the ovary. The pollen tube growth process is dependent on the cellular activity within the pollen; female tissues through which pollen tubes elongate are believed to also provide biochemical and physical supports to attain the efficiency and the accuracy of the process. Biochemically, the female tissues may provide nutritional and directional guidance molecules for the pollen tubes.

Efforts in my laboratory are focused on identifying factors that play significant roles in pollination and fertilization, and on understanding how they interact with pollen tubes during these processes. Molecular, biochemical, classical, and reverse genetic approaches are employed in our studies in model plant systems such as tobacco and Arabidopsis. We have already identified and characterized a female tissue produced glycoprotein in tobacco that promotes pollen tube growth in vivo and in vitro and may have a role in pollen tube guidance. Additional molecules that are candidates for being major participants in the pollination and fertilization processes are being characterized for their role in sexual reproduction.

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