Maurille J. Fournier

Professor Emeritus of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Massachusetts

S. Fournier Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Website

Ph.D.: Dartmouth Medical School
Postdoctoral Training: Walter Reed Army Institute of Research; National Institutes of Health

Molecular Biology of Small Nucleolar RNAs (snoRNAs): A Major Frontier in the Eukaryotic RNA World

Our research is directed at understanding snoRNAs, which comprise the largest population of small, stable RNA in eukaryotic cells. Most snoRNAs fall into two groups, the box C/D and H/ACA families. A few snoRNAs in each family play essential roles in processing (cleavage) of large precursor rRNAs, most likely as chaperones. However, the vast majority function in targeting the major nucleotide modifications in rRNA, i.e., 2'-O-methylation (box C/D snoRNAs) and pseudouridine formation (H/ACA box snoRNAs).

Contributions by our laboratory include: 1) discovery of the rRNA processing function of the U14 snoRNA; 2) genetic characterization of many novel yeast snoRNAs; 3) identification of the family of H/ACA box snoRNAs, and; 4) discovery of the guide functions of snoRNAs in nucleotide modification. Work in progress is devoted to understanding how the processing and guide snoRNA:protein complexes (snoRNPs) mediate their functions, and exploring the potential for using snoRNAs as tools in basic research, biotechnology, and medicine.

We are using snoRNAs as tools in two contexts: 1) methylation of new sites in yeast rRNA, and, 2) as a delivery vehicle for introducing an RNA-cleaving ribozyme to the nucleolus. Methylation can lead to phenotypic defects, providing an effective new approach for functional mapping of RNA. In the ribozyme work, we have successfully localized a hammerhead ribozyme to the nucleolus and cleaved a target RNA with near-perfect efficiency.

Representative Publications:

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