What we do

Research Overview

Microbiome research is among the most exciting and promising areas of science today due to many technological advances, particular in high throughput DNA and RNA sequencing, that allow us to determine in complex environments which microbes are present and their metabolism. A prominent component of our research is using genomic and computational methods to understand the ecology and evolution of gut and forest soil microbiomes. Our laboratory is set up for standard molecular biology and microbial physiology research and contains specialized equipment for isolating and culturing anaerobic bacteria. The research we do has led to the discovery of new bacterial species and metabolic processes that have have far ranging impacts from probiotics to understanding climate change. Our research is currently funded by the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy and the United States Department of Agriculture. More....

Lab News

* Kudos to Lauren for her DOE graduate fellowship award to work with our collaborators at the Joint Genome Institute and the University of Vienna!

* Genome sequencing of our mutation accumulation lines contributed to understanding Tempo and mode of genome evolution in a 50,000-generation experiment published in Nature.

* Congratulations to Nick on being awarded a Life Sciences Junior Fellowship

* Kelly successfully defended her PhD dissertation on "Expansion of and reclassification within the Family Lachnospiraceae". A joy to see it all come together so nicely.

* Welcome to this year's summer REU students. Belle Henry is part of the Collaborative Undergraduate Research in Energy Program funded by the National Science Foundation". Rebeca Bonilla is part of the Harvard Forest Summer Program in Ecology funded by the National Science Foundation".

* Bon voyage to a wonderful group of seniors that have been with us for many years - Ava, Madhura, Fauzia, Kelly, Jaice and Shane. Best of wishes in your PhD research (Johns Hopkins, UConn Health), at medical school (UVM) and other career paths.

* Ava received the Henry Little Award in recognition of earned the highest cumulative grade point average for a BMB major at the end of the junior year.

* Check out Ava's YouTube video on her microcompartment research