What we do

Research Overview

Microbiome research is among the most exciting and promising areas of science today due to many technological advances, particular in high throughput DNA and RNA sequencing, that allow us to determine in complex environments which microbes are present and their metabolism. A prominent component of our research is using genomic and computational methods to understand the ecology and evolution of gut and forest soil microbiomes. Our laboratory is set up for standard molecular biology and microbial physiology research and contains specialized equipment for isolating and culturing anaerobic bacteria. The research we do has led to the discovery of new bacterial species and metabolic processes that have have far ranging impacts from probiotics to understanding climate change. Our research is currently funded by the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy and the United States Department of Agriculture. More....

Lab News

* Congratulations to Lauren on receiving a $3,000 Dissertation Fieldwork Grant!

* Jeff will be presenting the lab's research at the Ecological and Evolutionary Genomics Gordon Research Conference

* Lauren's talk at the 2017 DOE JGI Genomics of Energy & Environment Meeting

* William is heading to Scotland courtesy of a travel award from Terragenome for the 14th Symposium on Bacterial Genetics and Ecology

* Kelly's Kineothrix alysoides paper is out

* Alex was awarded the Peter K Hepler Research Scholarship to support research and travel to the University of Vienna in Austria

* Congratulations to William on receiving a DOE graduate research fellowship (SCGSR) for his dissertation research which includes working on site at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratories