RasMol Tools for Visualizing Immunoglobulin, MHC, and Other Molecules

provided by Eric Martz for students enrolled in

Microbiology 542: Immunology Lab
Microbiology 540: Immunology

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

RasMol "Movie" Scripts prepared for Microbiology 540.

Download RasMol (available for Macintosh as well as Windows) from the RasMol Home Page, where you can also get the Microbiology 540 Class "Movie" Scripts for RasMol (get the ones on antibody and MHC). Animated tutorials on many other molecules are available here as well.

Protein Data Base (PDB) molecular coordinate files

selected for immunology class (from the Brookhaven National Laboratory repository). These are plain ASCII text files. Some of these are included with the script packages linked above. SORRY, LINKS BELOW ARE UNDER CONSTRUCTION.
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