ELISA Study Questions

Discuss the answers to these with others in the class. Ask for help if you're not sure about the answers.

  1. What are these ELISA experiments designed to enable you to determine about your rabbit immunoglobulin samples?


  2. How many micrograms (mg) are in a milligram (mg)?


  3. What kind of information does ELISA add to the Ig sequence of experiments that you could not have obtained from your A280, PAGE and Western blot experiments?


  4. An indirect ELISA has fewer steps than a competition ELISA. Why is it necessary for us to do a competition ELISA?


  5. In the competition ELISA we are doing, what is competing with what for what?


  6. What is the purpose of the standard curve in the competition ELISA?


  7. What would happen if you didn't add acid after exactly 15 minutes of the enzymatic reaction?


  8. What should be in your summary of "bottom line" results from each of your ELISA plates?