Immunology Lab 542
FACScan Fluorescence Intensities from Histograms
Disk file name  Thymocytes: CD11a and CD4; 2003 #30:54203049
Student name  Lyndsey Russell
Cell type  Thymocytes Cells in scatter gate as % of total events 52% 


Cycle No. Ab Specificity (Marker) Fluorochrome on Ab (if any)
 1  CD11a  
 2  FITC-conjugated goat anti rat  FITC
 3  CD4  PE


If >1 peak Fluorescence Intensity (FI)
Control (Blank)
Corrected Fluorescence Intensity (CFI)†
Peak No.§ Peak: % of (Events in Gate)‡ Disk File number Fluorescence Intensity (FI)
 1  100%  38  029  2.0  36
 2  100%  28  029  2.0  26
*Specify whether FL1 or FL2 for each line in the table.
§Which peak, the first (from the left), second, ...?
‡ The peak as a % of (events in gate).
Note that (events in gate) as % of (total events) is entered at the top. If you have two equal-sized peaks, the peak % of (events in gate) should be 50% and 50%, regardless of what % of the (total events) were in the scatter gate.
†Select the appropriate control, and subtract it from your sample's FI to get the CFI.