Immunology & Infectious Disease

p53, a tumor suppressor molecule studied in Barbara Osborne's lab at UMass.
(From 1tup.pdb by Cho et al.)

at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Graduate work in immunology and infectious disease can be done under the auspices of any of several graduate programs in the biological sciences, including Microbiology, Molecular and Cell Biology, and Veterinary and Animal Sciences.

Undergraduate training is available in several biological science major programs, including as independent study research projects. For more information on graduate programs and majors, see Biological Sciences and the UMass Course Catalog. Most of the courses concerning immunology or infectous disease are in the Departments of Microbiology or Veterinary and Animal Sciences.

Kuby Immunology is one of the leading textbooks of immunology. Two of its three authors are in Amherst MA (Goldsby and Osborne).

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