Startup for FC data analysis
Microbiology 542 Immunology Lab

  1. Run Netscape. Use the icon on the desktop if present, or else use the Start menu (lower left corner) and look under Programs
  2. Type in the location slot and press Enter. Scroll down the page and click on the link Flow Cytometry Experiments, Software.

  3. Use Navigator's File menu to select New, Navigator Window.

  4. Copy the above address (URL) into the location slot of the new window, and press Enter. Both windows now show the same thing.

  5. In either of the windows, click on the link WinMDI: FCM Data Analysis and Graphing, and follow the instructions in this window, keeping the instructions in this window at all times by using the other window to find your data file numbers and to retrieve them to your local disk. (Use the taskbar at the bottom of the screen to pull either window to the foreground as needed.)

Before leaving, hand in any .gif/.htm files you have finished (only completed final files). Hand in on diskette, or email to Label diskettes with "542 FC" and your name.

This is optional at the end of the first day, but ALL REQUIRED FILES MUST BE HANDED IN AT THE END OF THE SECOND COMPUTER LAB SESSION. The files you hand in will go onto the class website under the FC Results link for the current year.

You should also copy your files to a diskette of your own, or email them to yourself for safekeeping between classes. Don't count on your files still being on the lab computer at the next class!