Travel Directions to The Central Microscopy Facility
The University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003

Our Campus Map
Official Campus Map
Parking Information

Directions from I-91.
 Take I-91 to the Northampton/Rt.9 exit. and then go East on Rt. 9. You will go across Connecticut River and through Hadley.  When the road has become four-lane and you have passed the "mall strip"  look for Rt. 116 N (see mid-scale map) and take it North. This is a divided 4-lane road. Look for signs for the University of Massachusetts  after about 1 mi. and you will exit to Massachusetts Ave -  take a right (east) onto Massachusetts Ave.  Get to the left lane as you will be turning soon.  Stay on Massachusetts Ave. through the first traffic light (just past the playing fields as you get to the dorms) and take a left at the next intersection with a traffic light (a few hundred feet!) onto Governor's Drive.  The Parking Garage road will be a right turn just past the Mullins Center (you'll know it) at the next traffic light. It is well marked.  Go up a short drive to the garage.
On the campus-scale map the Parking Garage is at grid section C4 and Morrill Science Center is in D4.  Our Facility is located in the basement floor of Section IV (at the north end on the North Pleasant Street side: Rooms 1 and 3).  This is due east from the Garage/Campus Center Hotel, past Hasbrouck Lab and across North Pleasant Street.   Phone#  1-413-545-3751

Directions from Route 2.
Coming west on Rt.2 take Rt. 202  south near Orange, MA  Drive South on Rt. 202 until reaching an amber blinking light at the intersection of Pelham/Amherst Road where you will take a right and head west.  Continue into Amherst.  This is also known as Main St. in Amherst.  The first traffic light that you reach is the intersection with Northeast Street. Less than a mile farther, just past some  RR tracks , take a right onto Triangle Street at the traffic light.
Stay on Triangle Street to the next traffic light and continue straight through where the road becomes North Pleasant Street.  In about half a mile stay to the left through the traffic light and this brings you onto Massachusetts Avenue, a 4-lane divided road.
Get to the right lane and turn right at the next traffic light which brings you to Governor's Drive.  The playing fields and Mullins Center should be visible to the left and ahead.  Stay to the right lane and watch for signs for the Parking Garage.  Just past the Mullins Center take a right at the traffic light onto Campus Center Way and follow the road to the Parking Garage.

Directions from the Mass Turnpike.
If coming from the west, take the I-91 exit, go North, and follow the directions for travelling for I-91.
If coming from the east on the Mass Turnpike, it is closest to exit at the Palmer exit, and follow the signs for Umass. Please note that coming out from the toll booths you will take a right, followed by 2 more rights – keep an eye for the signs – and this puts you onto Rt.181 (North). You will follow Rt. 181 to Belchertown center. At the traffic light in Belchertown go straight, this is now Rt. 202 N. Continue about 1 mi. and take a left at the first traffic light - this is Rt. 9 W. Follow Rt 9 W to Amherst and through the center. You will pass two traffic lights and at the third light (at the bottom of a hill past Amherst Commons) turn right onto University Drive. Go to the second traffic light (second one is usually a blinking red) and take a right onto Massachusetts Avenue.  This will put you onto the Campus Map.

There is a shortcut from the Palmer exit of the Mass Pike. Take a left when leaving the toll-booth plaza. Go about a mile and turn left just before "Thorndike Mills" onto Church Street. This road will take you to Rt 181, where you should take a right and then follow it into Belchertown. Use the instructions above to get from Belchertown to Umass.

Parking at Umass.
Visitors may park at either the Campus Parking Garage or get a permit and park in one of the lots closer to Morrill Science Center.

For the Parking Garage, turn from Massachusetts Avenue onto Commonwealth Avenue. Proceed to the traffic light near the Mullins Center and turn right onto Campus Center Way. The Campus Parking Garage is located at the end of Campus Center Way.

To get a parking permit, the Parking Services Office is located in a parking lot just north of the Mullins Center. They can tell you of your options for parking. Lot 63 is closest to Morrill 4 North, and Lot 62 is just south of the Morrill South section.

Campus Location.
Please refer to the Campus Map. From the Parking Garage, Morrill Science Center is due East .  The Microscopy Facility is in the basement level (Rooms 1 and 3) of Section IV North. (on the North Pleasant Street side, just across the street from Hasbrouck Lab.   Phone: 1-413-545-3751.
 Dale A. Callaham