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Animated GIF of Xylem
        Secondary Wall Layer ThickeningsXylem stained with Schiff's Reagent, Confocal Z-series Image

SEM Image of EggshellEggshell, SEM image

3D SEM Image of EggshellEggshell, 3D-SEM image (Use Red/Green Glasses!)

Monarch wingscale, distal end, lower surface  Monarch wing scale, distal end, lower surface

Monarch wing
        scale, higher magnification  Monarch wing scale, lower surface, higher magnification

Sunflower PollenSunflower Pollen, SEM image (click here for the TIFF version)

PCB Connector ImageSEM image - PCB connector, 1920x1440 JPG image, 272k.

          Connector ImageThis is a full-resolution TIFF, 1920x1440 pixels, 2.788 Mb.

You may have to tell your browser what to do with a TIFF image. There is usually a place where the user can set the "actions" for certain file extensions. If no viewing application is associated with the "tiff/tif" extension in that menu, you may be able to select "Download". In this case the file will be downloaded to your computer and you may then start an application program to view the image.

          Confocal ImageGreen Fluorescent Protein in cultured Tobacco cells, confocal image

          Confocal Image, animation
Animated GIF, Green Fluorescent Protein in cultured Tobacco cells. Projection of confocal image Z-series.

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