Light Microscopy Facilities

Spot/E600 System Information
Nikon E600 microscope stand
4x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 60x (1.4NA Planapo)
DIC available for 20x, 40x, 60x

Fluorescence: 100W Hg Arc Lamp; Has standard filter sets (Chroma, see below) for DAPI, FITC, Rhod; also has automated excitation and emission filter wheels, Z (focus) control. Filter details below. Other filter sets could be installed.

Camera: Diagnostic Instruments Spot-RT CCD

Computer System::
CD-burner; Spot software; Compix SimplePCI automated image capture and processing package.
Autoquant "Autodeblur" package for deconvolution of image stacks.

Epi-Fluorescence Filter Sets:

UV-2A     (Leftmost selector position)
Ex 330-380nm  (exciter)
DM 400nm     (dichroic mirror)
Barrier 420nm (LP) ; also available DCBP 440/40 (dichroic bandpass)

Ex 450-490
DM 505nm
BA 520nm (LP)

"Red"  (Rhodamine and similar dyes)
Ex 528-553nm  (uses the 546 nm Hg green line primarily)
DM 565nm
BA 600-660nm (BP)

(Rightmost selector position)
Polychroic Beamsplitter Mirror: Chroma "DAPI/FITC/TRITC v2"  - For use with Ludl Wheels

For special work, other filter sets can be obtained to install in the microscope.

Ludl Filter Wheels:

Excitation Wheel (#1 - with shutter)
1 - (Home) - Open
2 - D360/40   (Excitation with the 365nm Hg line;  360 nm center wavelength, 40 nm FWHM (Full Width at Half Max)
3 - D480/30   (No Hg lines in this region; uses the background continuum)
4 - D540/25   (Excitation is primarily by the Hg 546nm green line)
5 - Closed
6 - Closed

Emission Wheel (#2)
1 - (Home) - Open
2 - D460/50   (435 - 485nm)
3 - D535/40   (515 - 555nm)
4 - D620/60   (590 - 650nm)
5 - Closed
6 - Closed

Note: The Hg Arc lamp has strong lines at 365nm, 405nm, 418nm, 546nm, and 575nm.
Other than these lines, the excitation is from a blackbody continuum that is
about 15-20x weaker.

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