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2014 Darwin Fellow Search

The Darwin Fellows Program, sponsored by the Graduate Program in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology (OEB), is designed to bring promising young postdoctoral researchers to UMASS Amherst. The program, begun in 1995, supports a two-year Darwin Fellow position that combines teaching and research responsibilities, and also promotes the interdepartmental collaboration that characterizes OEB.

Selection of Darwin Fellows begins with a widely advertised search. Applicants must locate a faculty research sponsor from one of the more than 80 OEB faculty members. Finalists are invited to visit UMASS to present a research seminar and to meet with the search committee, OEB faculty members and graduate students.

Each year the Darwin Fellow teaches one half of an undergraduate course in the Biology Department, leads a seminar for new OEB students each fall and coordinates a Grad Student Symposium each spring. This schedule leaves ample time for research with the faculty sponsor.


Four candidates have been invited for interviews in February.

Position Details

One position is available for a recent Ph.D. recipient in ecology, organismic biology or evolutionary biology. The position is for two years, non-renewable. Individual health coverage is provided. Darwin Fellows are encouraged to collaborate with their faculty sponsor in applying for extramural grants. Salary is $38,500. Start date is mid-August.


  • Conduct independent research in faculty sponsor's research group
  • Lead a Proseminar course for new OEB students each fall and coordinate a Grad Student Symposium each spring
  • Participate actively in the Organismic and Evolutionary Biology Graduate Program (e.g., mentor graduate students, attend seminars and relevant discussion groups)
  • Teach one-half of an undergraduate course in the Biology Department each year

Application Procedure

Applicants must identify an OEB faculty research sponsor with the facilities and resources needed to conduct their research. Click on OEB Faculty to review a list of potential faculty sponsors. Faculty sponsors will provide lab space, the necessary lab equipment, technical support, and research costs above the research stipend. Demonstration of compatible research interests between candidates and sponsors is an important component in the final decision.

Additional information on the position may be obtained by contacting the OEB Office (413-545-0928 or After discussing your research plans with the faculty member with whom you propose working, submit the following:

  • CV
  • Three letters of reference
  • Statement of research and teaching interests, including a description of your teaching experience
  • Arrange for a letter of support from proposed faculty sponsor at UMASS

To Apply

To apply online, please go to Interview Exchange and submit a CV, statements of research and teaching interests.

REFERENCES: Please ask your letter writers to submit their references directly to PDFS are preferred. To help manage documents, please request that your references be titled: APPLICANT'S LAST NAME.REFERENCE'S LAST NAME

FACULTY SPONSOR: Please include the name of your faculty sponsor in your cover letter and ask your sponsor to submit his/her letter of support directly to Again, PDFS are preferred and documents should be titled: APPLICANT'S LAST NAME.SPONSOR’S LAST NAME

RESEARCH AND TEACHING STATEMENTS: Typically the research and teaching statements are 1-2 pages each. Teaching statement should describe your teaching philosophy, experience and interests, and emphasize your mentoring experience. Research statement should summarize your previous experience and describe you planned research with your proposed faculty sponsor.

Questions about this search may be sent to:

Application review will begin on January 6, 2014.
Applications will be accepted until the position has been filled.
Interviews are planned for February.