The Graduate Program in


All OEB faculty are listed below. To help applicants to our graduate program locate a faculty sponsor, the faculty list can be filtered by four broad research areas.

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Name Research Interests

Averill, Anne

Professor of Environmental Conservation

Insect-plant interactions

Beery, Annaliese

Assistant Professor of Psychology and Biology, Smith College

Neuroendocrinology of social behavior

Brennan, Patricia

Research Assistant Professor of Biology and Psychological & Brain Sciences

Evolutionary consequences of interactions between behavior, morphology and the environment

Byers, Bruce

Associate Professor of Biology

Acoustic communication in birds

Clotfelter, Ethan D.

Professor of Biology, Amherst College

Reproductive behavior of birds and fishes

Haro, Alex

Adjunct Professor of Environmental Conservation

Ecologist and Section Leader, Fish Passage Engineering S.O. Conte Anadromous Fish Research Center

Fish behavior and migration; fish passage

Houlihan, Peter W.

Senior Lecturer in Biology

Animal Behavior, Vertebrate Ecology, and Conservation Biology

Irschick, Duncan J

Professor of Biology

Functional Morphology, Evolution, and Behavioral Ecology

Jakob, Elizabeth


Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Animal behavior, especially perception, learning, and social behavior

Jordaan, Adrian

Assistant Professor, Environmental Conservation

Ecosystems, modeling, tagging, movement, trophic dynamics, diadromous, marine,
fisheries, historical ecology

Kamilar, Jason M.

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Comparative biology of primates and other mammals

Lacreuse, Agnès

Associate Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Sex hormones and cognition across the lifespan in primates

Novak, Melinda

Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences

Behavior of microtines and primates

Partan, Sarah

Associate Professor of Cognitive Science, Hampshire College

Visual and acoustic communication in mammals

Podos, Jeffrey

OEB Graduate Program Leader

Professor of Biology

Mechanisms and evolution of vertebrate behavior, bioacoustics

Remage-Healey, Luke

Assistant Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Neural basis of behavior

Suvorov, Alexander

Assistant Professor, Public Health

Effects on behavior by environmental xenobiotics with endocrine disruptive properties

Temeles, Ethan J.

Professor of Biology, Amherst College

Foraging behavior; Territoriality; Intra- and Interspecific competition; Resource partitioning; Mutualism; Coevolution;
Sexual dimorphisms and polymorphisms

Warren, Paige S.

Associate Professor of Environmental Conservation

Urban ecology, human-environment interactions, animal behavior