The Graduate Program in


All OEB faculty are listed below. To help applicants to our graduate program locate a faculty sponsor, the faculty list can be filtered by four broad research areas.

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Name Research Interests

Adler, Lynn

Associate Professor of Biology

Ecology and evolution of insect-plant interactions

Alpert, Peter

Professor of Biology

Plant Ecology and Conservation Science

Averill, Anne

Professor of Environmental Conservation

Insect-plant interactions

Bellemare, Jesse

Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, Smith College

Plant ecology, biogeography and evolution

Blanchard, Jeffrey

Associate Professor of Biology

Climate Change, Biofuels, Clostridia, Microbial Ecology and Evolution, Genomics, Bioinformatics

Bradley, Bethany A.

Assistant Professor of Environmental Conservation

Biogeography and spatial ecology of terrestrial plant invasions

Bubier, Jill L.

Associate Professor of Environmental Science, Mount Holyoke College

Carbon cycling in northern wetlands

Castro-Santos, Theodore

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology

Biomechanics and Behavior of Migratory Fishes; Bioengineering of Fish Passage Structures

Cooley, Daniel R.

Professor, Stockbridge School of Agriculture

Ecology of fungal-plant interactions in agricultural systems

Cox Fernandes, Cristina

Lecturer/Adjunct Research Associate Professor of Biology

Ecology and evolutionary diversity of neotropical freshwater fishes, particularly within the Amazon River

DeAngelis, Kristen M.

Assistant Professor of Microbiology

Community ecology and physiology of soil microbes, climate change, plant-soil interactions

DeStefano, Stephen

Research Associate Professor of Environmental Conservation

USGS Massachusetts Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Leader

Urban and suburban wildlife, forest wildlife, and human-wildlife interactions

Elkinton, Joseph S.

Professor of Environmental Conservation

Population dynamics and biological control of invasive forest insects

Ellison, Aaron M.

Senior Researcher, Harvard Forest, Harvard University

Adjunct Research Professor, Department of Biology, UMass Amherst

Community ecology

Finn, John

Professor of Environmental Conservation

Network Analysis of Acoustic Telemetry

Fuller, Todd K.

Professor of Environmental Conservation

Mammalian population ecology and natural history

Griffin, Curtice R.

Professor and Department Head of Environmental Conservation

Wildlife ecology and conservation

Hoopes, Martha F.

Associate Professor, Biological Sciences, Mount Holyoke College

Conservation biology, invasion dynamics, spatial modeling (primarily with plants)

Houlihan, Peter W.

Senior Lecturer in Biology

Animal Behavior, Vertebrate Ecology, and Conservation Biology

Jordaan, Adrian

Assistant Professor, Environmental Conservation

Ecosystems, modeling, tagging, movement, trophic dynamics, diadromous, marine,
fisheries, historical ecology

Kelty, Matthew J.

Professor of Environmental Conservation

Forest ecology and management

King, David

Adjunct Research Associate Professor, Environmental Conservation

Research Wildlife Biologist USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station, Amherst

Wildlife ecology and conservation

Letcher, Benjamin

Adjunct Associate Professor of Environmental Conservation

Section Leader, Conte Anadromous Fish Research Center

Population ecology of stream fishes

Levin, Rachel A.

Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Amherst College

Plant systematics, biogeography and ecology

McGarigal, Kevin

Professor of Environmental Conservation

Landscape ecology, ecosystem management, wildlife ecology

Miller, Jill

Associate Professor of Biology, Amherst College

Ecology and evolution of plant sexual systems

Nislow, Keith H.

Adjunct Associate Professor of Environmental Conservation

Research Fishery Biologist, USDA Forest Service

Ecology and conservation biology of stream fishes and invertebrates

Nüsslein, Klaus

Professsor of Microbiology

Microbial ecology of terrestrial and aquatic environments

Porter, Adam H.

Associate Professor of Biology

Evolutionary biology; hybridization, introgression & speciation; ecological genetics; evolution of regulatory genetic pathways; computer and mathematical modeling; invasion and range expansion; insects, especially butterflies and moths

Ross, Charles

Assistant Professor of Evolutionary Biology, Hampshire College

Ecological and evolutionary genetics of hybrid zones and speciation

Roy, Allison H.

Research Assistant Professor of Environmental Conservation

Freshwater ecology, fish and macroinvertebrates, urban ecology, conservation

Sela, David A.

Assistant Professor, Food Science

Host-microbe coevolution, microbial genomics & ecology, host dietary influences on microbiota form and function

Sievert, Paul R

Associate Director of OEB and Chair of Admissions

Research Associate Professor of Environmental Conservation

Conservation biology, physiological ecology and biostatistics

Smith, L. David

Professor of Biological Sciences, Smith College

Ecology and evolution of marine predator-prey interactions

Stinson, Kristina

Assistant Professor, Environmental Conservation

Plant Ecology, Invasive Plants, Biological Responses to Global Change

Temeles, Ethan J.

Professor of Biology, Amherst College

Foraging behavior; Territoriality; Intra- and Interspecific competition; Resource partitioning; Mutualism; Coevolution;
Sexual dimorphisms and polymorphisms

Warren, Paige S.

Associate Professor of Environmental Conservation

Urban ecology, human-environment interactions, animal behavior

Whiteley, Andrew

Assistant Professor of Environmental Conservation

Conservation genetics and evolutionary ecology of fishes