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The 37 faculty members of the Plant Biology Graduate Program represent five departments at the University as well as Five College faculty from Amherst and Hampshire. The departments at UMass are Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biology, Chemical Engineering, Environmental Conservation and Stockbridge School of Agriculture. To find out more about individual faculty, click on their name listed below to link to their faculty home page.

Faculty and graduate students have access to major research facilities including: microbial and plant growth facilities, tissue culture facilities, radioisotope laboratories, facilities for bioinformatics, facilities for monoclonal antibody and recombinant DNA work, a DNA sequencing service, a high-field NMR facility, an imaging facility with confocal and electron microscopy and a mass spectrometry facility. There are several greenhouse complexes on campus including the new CNS research and education greenhouse facility. The Morrill Science Center greenhouses service members of the Biology Department and about half of the greenhouse space is devoted to research projects. The other half is used to maintain a general teaching collection representing more than 680 genera and 1,100 species for courses ranging from angiosperm systematics to plant cell biology. The University of Massachusetts Herbarium is a regional resources with approximately 224,000 mounted vascular plants, algae and bryophytes as well as a fruit and seed collection providing material for systematic studies and plant identification. The Integrated Sciences & Engineering Library provides critical resources for research in the life sciences.

PB FACULTY LISTING (alphabetical by last name)



Phone (413)

Research Interesth Area

Email address

Adler, Lynn

Fernald 102D

545-1060 Ecology and evolution of plant-insect interactions

Adler Lab

Alpert, Peter

Clark 100A


Ecology of plant invasion, resource capture and utilization by clonal plants

Autio, Wesley

Stockbridge School of Agriculture/ 205 Paige


Cropping and economic efficiency of fruit trees on various rootstocks and under different cultural management systems


Averill, Anne

Environmental Conservation / Holdsworth 301A


Insect pollinators and pollination services in managed ecosystems

Barker, Allen

Stockbridge/ Bowditch 202

545-4733 Plant nutrition

Bartlett, Madelaine

Morrill 3 - 108C

545-2235 Diversity of shape and form present in flowering plants.

Bartlett Lab

Baskin, Tobias

Morrill 3 - 106

545-1533 545-2776 Regulation of plant cell and organ expansion

Baskin Lab

Bezanilla, Magdalena

Mor. 3 - 122A

545-2885 The role of the actin cytoskeleton in the morphogenesis and development of plant cells

Bezanilla Lab

Bhowmik, Prasanta

Stockbridge School of Agriculture/
Stockbridge 12D

545-5223/ 545-3072

Biology of invasive weeds, allelopathy, integrated weed management


Caicedo, Ana

Biology/ LSL N425


Evolutionary genomics of adaptation and divergence in wild, weedy and crop plant species

Caicedo Lab

Cheung, Alice

LGRT-B 1226


Signaling mechanisms in plant growth and reproduction

Cooley, Daniel

Stockbridge School of Agriculture/
315 Paige


Ecology of plant diseases, integrated pest management, sustainable agriculture

Cooley Lab

Craker, Lyle

Stockbridge School of Agriculture/Stockbridge 12A


Medicinal and aromatic plants

DaCosta, Michelle

Stockbridge School of Agriculture/ 310 Paige


Plant responses to environmental stresses, with emphasis
on drought and temperature stresses of grasses.

Ebdon, Scott

Stockbridge School of Agriculture/ 415 Paige


Cultural management of abiotic and biotic stresses in turfgrass systems


Ellison, Aaron Harvard Forest 978 724-3302
Community Ecology

Han, Susan

Stockbridge School of Agriculture/
French 204B


Physiology of flowering and postharvest care of floricultural crops

Hashemi, Masoud

Stockbridge School of Agriculture/
Bowditch 207


Sustainable food and farming systems with an emphasis on cover crops

Hazen, Sam

Biology/LSL N427


Regulatory networks and natural variation in plant cell wall biosynthesis

Hazen Lab

Hepler, Peter (emeritus)

Morrill 3 - 120


Cell division and pollen tube growth; the role of calcium, pH, and the cytoskeleton


Hoopes, Martha

Mt. Holyoke College/ Biology/ 214 Clapp Laboratory


Spread dynamics, impacts, and lag times in invasion ecology; metacommunity dynamics, particularly for plants and herbivores


Jeranyama, Peter

Stockbridge- Cranberry Exp. Station, E. Wareham

508 295-2212 x 29



Jung, Geunhwa

Stockbridge School of Agriculture/
206 Paige


Molecular genetics and breeding of disease resistance in grasses and population genetics of plant pathogenic fungi

Jung/Turf Pathology Lab

Ma, Li-Jun

Biochem/LSL N433


Comparative fungal genomics: A gateway toward understanding genome innovation and adaptation.

Ma Lab

Mangan, Frank

Stockbridge School of Agriculture/ Paige


Vegetable production with an emphasis on soil fertility and ethnic crops

Miller, Jill Amherst College/Biology Life Sci 224


Ecology and evolution of plant sexual systems, floral evolution, incompatibility systems, phenotypic plasticity

Miller Lab

Normanly, Jennifer

Biochem/ LGRT-B 922 and LSL N563


Metabolic regulation and engineering

Parkash, Om Stockbridge School of Agriculture/ 318 Paige 545-0062 Plant genetic engineering and biotechnology, phytoremediation of soil contaminants

Schnell, Danny

Biochem/ LSL N431


Intracellular protein targeting and chloroplast biogenesis


Tyler, Ludmila

Biochem / LSL N463


Plant cell walls, bioenergy, grass developmental biology


Vierling, Elizabeth

Biochem/ LSL N329. Graduate Program Director & Program Leader, PB Program


Molecular chaperone function in the cytosol and organelles, plant stress response

Vierling Lab

Walker, Elsbeth
(at NSF 2015-16)

Morrill 3 - 129A.


Molecular genetic approaches to studying mechanisms of metal ion homeostasis in plants

Walker Lab

Wang, Dong

Biochem/LSL N429


Mechanisms of intracellular symbiosis between eukaryotic legume hosts and nitrogen-fixing bacteria


Wick, Robert

Stockbridge School of Agriculture/
Fernald 111


Bacterial and fungal diseases of vegetable and greenhouse crops, nematode diseases of turf, plant disease diagnostics

Winship, Lawrence Hampshire College/Natural Sciences/CSC 101 559-5387 Regulation of cell wall expansion during oscillatory growth in lily pollen tubes

Xing, Baoshan

Stockbridge School of Agriculture/
410 Paige


Environmental behavior of emerging contaminants and their interactions with plants

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