Open shifts Thursday afternoon, evening

From: Steven D. Brewer <>
Date: Thu, 17 Sep 2015 15:41:22 -0400

I noticed that neither Peter nor Zach can work their shifts this
afternoon. If anyone could cover, that would be great.

Please remember that to cover someone else's shift, you should send
email to the bcrc-staff mailing list. If multiple people reply, the
first one to show up in the bcrc-staff email archive:
will work the shift. Please don't make private arrangements -- I need to
have the arrangements made publicly so that I'm aware of what's happening.

Please also remember that, if you need to leave before the next person
has come in, you should inform me -- assuming I'm here -- and if I'm NOT
here, please lock up the BCRC before leaving it unattended.

Thanks much!

Steven D. BREWER <>
Senior Lecturer II; Director, Biology Computer Resource Center
Pli bona virto sen oro, ol oro sen honoro.
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