Genetics Lecturer Position

New Full Time Genetics Lecturer Position Available
Applications due by April 13, 2015.
Click here to learn more about the position.

The Biology Department Welcomes New Faculty - Alex Gerson

Alex is an Integrative Ecological-physiologist who studies the physiological
mechanisms and ecological interactions that allow and affect bird migration, as
well as the eco-physiological constraints that affect the ability of different bird
species to survive major environmental challenges associated with climate change.
You can visit Alex’s website here.

Alex’s lab is currently located in Morrill 3 room 409, with his new lab being renovated
in the space formerly occupied by Lynn Margulis (3rd floor of Morrill 3).

Distinguished Faculty Lecture: Professor Margaret Riley

Professor Riley will be presenting "Rethinking the Antibiotic Arsenal"
on Monday, April 13, 2015 in the Bernie Dallas Room, Goodell Building at 4pm.
Free and open to all. Reception follows the lecture.

Our new understanding of the human microbiome - the ecological community of microorganisms to which our bodies play host - calls for a radical rethinking of the role of antibiotics in medicine. Rather than concentrating on single molecules targeting broad phylogenetic spectra, we need to identify targeted molecules that can cripple the pathogen but leave the microbiome largely intact, and to design and reply treatments that delay the onset of resistance mechanisms. Professor Riley will describe a smart, agile approach to finding the delicate balance between pathogens and their hosts.