Bob Wilce is still around and kicking!

by Alan Richmond

Over a decade ago emeritus professor Dr. Robert Wilce was featured in the BioMass No.1 issue. At the time Bob was in his mid-seventies and had recently received an Honorary Doctor of Science degree from the University of Copenhagen for his decades-long work in the field of phycology. Back then Bob was of an age when most folks would settle comfortably into retirement. Now a decade later Bob is still hard at work.

Irschick Research Attracts Press Attention

Research by Duncan Irschick on the science of human hammering has been highlighted by many media outlets. The outlets featuring the research included,, Science Daily, UPI International, the Globe and Mail, and Scientific American. The research was done in collaboration with Jeff Lockman from Tulane University, and revealed intriguing differences between women and men in how they conduct challenging motor tasks in light-limited versus fully lit environments. This research was funded by a grant from NIH.