Junior Fellow 2013-2014 Awards Announced

The year-long Junior Fellows Program supports the research of outstanding seniors majoring in the life sciences. Each Fellow receives a cash award and participates in a seminar course that involves discussion of their research projects, as well as topics in modern cell and molecular biology, neuroscience, biomedicine, and research ethics. At the close of each semester, the Fellows present a public poster or seminar session.

Congratulations to this year's Junior Fellows:

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Alexis Tomaszewski in Magdalena Bezanilla's lab in the Biology Department

Cassandra Pelletier in Patricia Wadsworth's lab in the Biology Department

Jaymes Farrell in Steve Sandler's lab in the Microbiology Department

Joseph Homsi in Barbara Osborne's lab in the Veterinary and Animal Sciences Department

Katherine Day in Ana Caicedo's lab in the Biology Department

Kathryn Silva-Brow in Sam Hazen's lab in the Biology Department

Kayla Pelland in Rolf Karlstrom's lab in the Biology Department

Mike Vilkhovov in Susan Roberts lab in the Chemical Engineering Department

Nathen Bopp in Elizabeth Vierling lab in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department

Sean McDougall in Heather Richardson's lab in the Psychology Department

Andrew Taylor in Craig Albertson's lab in the Biology Department

Veronica Pace in Rolf Karlstrom's lab in the Biology Department

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