Mozilla Thunderbird is the most widely used email client that is supported Biology and Geosciences. Apple Mail is used to a lesser extent but is also supported. Qualcomm Eudora (version 7.1 for Windows and 6.2.4 for Mac) should not be used as it is no longer maintained.

Use the links below for a summary of required settings as well as guides for setting up clients.

  1. Required Settings - needed by any email client

  2. POP vs. IMAP - which to use for reading mail

  3. Configuration How-Tos

    Thunderbird:       POP      IMAP      Installer - Download from

    Apple Mail:      POP      IMAP

  4. General Support/Tips


    Mozilla's Thunderbird support pages

    Mozillazine's Thunderbird knowledgebase

  5. FAQ

    How can I send email with a return address for a mail list?