Thunderbird - POP - Old

Thunderbird 3.x

Mozilla's guide, "FAQ Changing IMAP to POP", includes instructions for manually configuring Thunderbird to use POP for reading mail (and SMTP for sending).

First-time users of Thunderbird will find that Thunderbird 3.x attempts to configure itself automatically; this may work for Biology and Geosciences users in the future, but for the time being users need to intervene and manually set up Thunderbird as explained in the FAQ mentioned above and in the links below. Users in Biology and Geosciences upgrading to Thunderbird 3.x, that read mail of their departmental accounts with earlier versions of Thunderbird, should not have to modify their account configuration in Thunderbird. If users of earlier versions of Thunderbird are unable to receive or send mail after upgrading, they should first verify that Thuderbird is properly configured to access their account by reviewing the information in the "FAQ Changing IMAP to POP" guide and in the links below.