OS X (10.7) Connecting to Storage Space on Servers


This is a guide for configuring OS X (10.7) clients to access shared filespace hosted by the Biology, Geosciences, and Microbiology departmental servers, specifically that space shared via the MS Windows networking protocol 'smb'.

Before beginning the setup you should know the samba name of the shared space you are trying to access. Using the OS X application "Terminal" is one way to list samba-shared resources. Enter the following commnd at the prompt in "Terminal"

$ smbutil view //<departmental account username>@<server's fully qualified domain name>
Password for <server's fully qualified domain name>: <departmental account password; typing will not be echoed>


$ smbutil view //tomc@marlin.bio.umass.edu
Password for marlin.bio.umass.edu:
Share                                           Type    Comments
net-private                                     Disk    Your home directory

There should be many additional shared resources displayed by executing the command in the example above. In addition to "Disk" shares, a number of "Printer" shares will be displayed. While related, the steps in this guide are intended to only be used for accessing shared filespace not printers. Please refer to the "OS X (10.5 and 10.6) SMB Printer Setup" for instructions on adding printers.


Note: It is assumed that users have activated their Biology/Geosciences/Microbiology account for file sharing (as well as email and printer access). If you know you haven't activated your account or if you're not sure review the online documentation for user accounts.

1. Select "Connect to Server..." from the Finder's "Go" menu

2. Enter the share's URL. Substitute (omitting the quotes) one of "marlin.bio.mor.nsm", "eclogite16.geo.mor.nsm", or "marlin.micro.mor.nsm" for <server fqdn> AND the desired share name for <samba share name>. If the username and password of the OS X account you are logged into are the same as the username and password for an account on the server hosting the share you are trying to access then a window will open displaying the contents of the shared space (provided the account on the server has been authorized to access the shared space), at which point you're done. When the OS X account's username and password don't coincide with the username and password of an account on the server, OS X will display the dialog window described in the next step.

3. Enter the username and password for your departmental account. Opting to "Remember this password in my keychain" will eliminate the need to enter that information the next time you access that resource from the OS X account you're using. However, be aware that if there are other users of this same OS X account they will also be able to access the resource by simply entering the URL as in Step 2. above. In addition, other users with the logon credentials of the OS X account will be able to reveal passwords stored in the OS X keychain for the OS X account.

4. If there are shares you will need to access frequently the task can be greatly simplified by configuring your account to mount the share a login task. The first step is to select "System Preferences..." from the Apple menu. Click "Users & Groups" in the "System" section. Verify that the OS X account currently in use is selected in the list of accounts on the left, then click the "Login Items" tab/button on the right, near the top of the "Users & Groups" window.

5. Click the "+" on the lower left side of the "Users & Groups" window.

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