Karen B. Searcy

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Adjunct Research Assistant Professor

Contact Info

Phone: 413-230-4622
Office: 134 Morrill I North


B.A., University of California, Los Angeles, 1966
M.A., Systematics, University of California, Los Angeles, 1968
Ph.D., University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1984

Research Interests

Plant Reproductive Ecology

As a curator, I am responsible for the University of Massachusetts Herbarium (MASS) which has about 247,000 specimens of algae, bryophytes and vascular plants from throughout the world.

My research interests are focused on rare plant species and some of the more unusual communities in the state. Recent projects include a flora of Fort Devens, location of rare species and exemplary communities on Metropolitan District Commission land in the Quabbin and Wachusett Reservations, community survey of Satan's Kingdom wildlife management area and assisting in a biological survey of Lake Rohunta. Currently I am working on a flora and vegetation analysis of the Mount Holyoke Range, Massachusetts.

Representative Publications

Searcy, K. B., C. Pucko, and D. McClelland. 2006. The distribution and habitat preference of introduced species in the Mount Holyoke Range, Hampshire Co., Massachusetts. Rhodora, 108: 43-61.

Searcy, K. B., Wilson, B. F. and Fownes, J. H. 2003. Influence of bedrock and aspect on soils and plant distribution in the Holyoke Range, Massachusetts. Jour. Torrey Botanical Society, 130: 158-169.

Bertin, R. I., K. B. Searcy and P. Somers. 2002. A new native plant for Massachusetts, Carex backii (Cyperaceae). Rhodora, 104: 201-204.

Searcy, K. B. and R. Ascher. 2001. The first record of Populus heterophylla (Swamp Cottonwood, Salicaceae) in Massachusetts. Rhodora, 103: 224-226.

Searcy, K. B. and M. G. Hickler. 1999. The plant communities and vascular flora of the peatland within Poutwater Pond nature preserve. Rhodora, 101: 341-359.