Michelle Facette

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Assistant Professor

Contact Info

Phone: (Office) 413-577-9701 (Lab) 413-544-2656
Office: 375D Morrill IIII South


B.S., Carleton University, Ottawa Canada, 1998
Ph.D., Stanford University, 2008


University of California, 2013

Research Interests

Plant Biology

Representative Publications

Facette, MR, Park Y, Sutimantanapi D, Luo A, Cartwright, H, Yang, B Bennett EJ, Sylvester AW, and Smith LG. 2015. The SCAR/WAVE complex polarizes PAN receptors and promotes division asymmetry in maize. Nature Plants 1:14024.

Facette, MR, Shen Z, Briggs SP and Smith LG. 2013. Parallel proteomic and phosphoproteomic analyses of successive stages of maize leaf development Plant Cell 25:2798-2812.

McAllister CH, Facette, M, Holt A and Good AG. 2013. Analysis of the enzymatic properties of a broad family of alanine aminotransferases. PLoS One 8:e55032.

Facette, MR, and Smith LG. 2012. Division polarity in developing stomata. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 15:585-592.

Zhang X, Facette, M, Humphries JA, Shen Z, Park Y, Sutimantanapi D, Sylvester AW, Briggs SP and Smith LG. 2012. Identification of PAN2 by quantitative proteomics as a leucine-rich repeat-receptor-like kinase acting upstream of PAN1 to polarize cell division in maize. Plant Cell 24:4577–4589.

Facette, MR, Rasmussen, CG and Van Norman, JM. 2019. A plane choice: coordinating timing and orientation of cell division during plant development. Current Opinion in Plant Biology 47: 47-55.