Campus Leaders Tour Morrill Science Center Renovations

Orett Burke and Jennifer Normanly explore newly-purchased equipment in the Intro Biology laboratories.

These systems allow students to run gels to explore molecular biology.

The Chancellor and Provost look for results.

Vinisha Patel and Orett Burke explain how the newly purchased equipment supports learning in the Intro Biology laboratories.

Kate Doyle demonstrates a specimen black-billed magpie Pica hudsonia from the Natural History Collections.

Biology Chair Elizabeth Connor and Caleb Rounds, coordinator of Intro Biology, discuss ways the new equipment can support student learning.

Alex Gerson, a new faculty member in Biology, describes his research program to the Chancellor and Provost.

Al Richmond, Curator of Reptiles, demonstrates a renovated teaching lab.

Steve Goodwin, Dean of the College of Natural Science visits newly renovated space in Morrill Science Center.

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