Post Doctoral Research Associate - Fenelon Lab

Job Summary
Appointee will be involved in a translational line of research focused on neural pre-attentive mechanisms and the transfer of this knowledge into animal models of psychiatric and neurological diseases. The appointee is expected to develop a research program to study neuronal activity using immunohistochemistry, electrophysiology and Optogenetics in vivo and in vitro, using mice.

The appointee must be proficient in mouse surgeries, prepare solution for electrophysiological recordings, must have neuroscience knowledge including but not limited to electrophysiology, synaptic plasticity, neuroanatomical analyses, mouse behavioral studies. The appointee is expected to establish some independence in research design and execution. This person will play a lead role in the execution and publication of their experiments, and will work closely with the PI on all aspects of the project. The trainee is expected be able to simultaneously acquire data and train graduate students.

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