Tobias Baskin Runs a 1-Day Workshop in Japan

Tobias Baskin just gave a one-day Science Writing workshop in Japan.

The workshop advertised as follows: "Dr. Baskin, whose main focus of research is on Regulation of Plant Morphogenesis during Growth & Development, has been on the editorial board of several renowned journals. He is also teaching writing skills at the post graduate level all over the world."

This workshop was sponsored by the United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences .

There were 2 sessions available to attendees:
Morning Session: Writing for the reader: A framework for understanding how to write; Six guidelines for clear writing
Afternoon Session: How to write a scientific paper: Publishing practice; Ethics, reviewing, rebutting

The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences is based at Iwate University in Morioka Japan. The workshop was held on the Iwate University campus and had a great turnout.

There were about 40 attendees, mainly masters and PhD students but also some young faculty.

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