*Update* Microbiology Seniors in the Innovation Challenge MinutePitch

Twelve teams of young innovators pitched their business ideas and shared more than $10,000 in prize money during the University of Massachusetts Innovation Challenge Executive Summary & Elevator Pitch Competition held Dec. 3. Each team leader presented a two-minute pitch to a panel of judges from the private sector with wide-ranging expertise in creating new ventures.

The top winning teams of Clearocin, Fiberessence, Leaf, and Rescue Collar shared in one of the largest prizes of $1,500 apiece. Congratulations to microbiology seniors, Dennis Morgan and Clarissa Ronzio, who were part of the Clearocin team.

Clearocin provides a unique solution for acne by using antimicrobial proteins produced naturally by bacteria, known as bacteriocins, to eliminate the acne-causing bacterium, Propionibacterium acnes, on the skin.

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Innovation Challenge MinutePitch:
Congratulations to the two microbiology seniors who shared third prize with another team in the Innovation Challenge MinutePitch for their product, Clearocin, which uses bacteria to fight acne. Dennis Morgan and Clarissa Ronzio are now preparing for the Executive Pitch and Elevator Pitch competition on Dec. 3.

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