477H - Bioimaging

Bioimaging is a project based laboratory course that focuses on the use of microscopy in the life sciences, ranging from the principles of optics to the use of specialized microscopic techniques to investigate the structure and behavior of cells. Using research-quality fluorescence microscopes, students learn to use both phase and fluorescence microscopy, and to take digital stills and movies with both. They observe the movement and division of living cells, identify cellular organelles and they learn to fix and stain cells to see greater internal detail. Then they apply these techniques to the independent investigation of a particular problem regarding cell division, locomotion, or growth.

Students wishing to complete their CHC Thesis through the laboratory course Research Methodology will register for BIOL 499E (fall) and BIOL 499F (spring). In the fall semester BIOL 499F students will participate in Bioimaging in addition to additional research activities. If you wish to pursue this option please fill out an application for BIOL 499E.

Prerequisite: Biology 285.

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Course Schedule:
Mondays and Wednesdays 1:25PM - 4:25PM

Integrated Science Building room 360

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Seniors can elect to enroll in both semesters of this course offering as their Commonwealth College Capstone requirement. The fall semester offering is open to everyone, even if you don't elect to use the course as your capstone.