Jonathon Giacomini receives the Kofi Cash Award

Ian Rose



Joanna Wang

Thanks for the Biology Luncheon!

Histo Seniors!

We love UMass!

Drexel Erickson

The Pho Family

Go UMass! Histology '14, '15

Amanda Rutherford

Coming from the West, UMass was the best!

Morgan Matuszko

Dad and son

Jason Wang

Matthew Bouwer

Ryan Bruen McCarthy

Bio majors love life

Collins Family

Sara Goodwin

Biology Rocks!

Khalil AbedRabb and Casey Tylek

We miss based Dr. Hindo. Dr. Connor was incredible. Shoutout to Dr. Schwartz and Zoeller. You'll always be our one true organic professor, Dr. Hixson. Calling out our lil friends, Tim and Jacob. Good luck in the future boys!

Vitoon Lim

Biology Major is #1.

Anthony Novelli

Amazing 4 years! Excited to use what I've learned in future endeavors

Callie Dacyczyn

´╗┐Leanne and Anne

Beautifullllllllll Chicas

Anthony Robert Zambella

Favorite biology courses taken: Ornithology, Mammalogy, Topics in Plant Biology and Introduction to Ecology

Megan Murphy and Brett Estes

Bio for Life!

Lam Family

we <3 UMASS

Tori Kohler

Anna Lam. Phi Lam


Anna Lam, Phi Lam


Andy Mai

Brieanna Gresh

Thank you UMass! Best 4 years of my life!!

Haley Sullivan

We love science!

Anna Lam, Kalpita Patel, Lindsey Janof

science...mitochondria....DNA -> RNA -> PROTEIN!!!!!!

Jan Sjoquist

Brett Joseph Gordon Estes

Great people, awesome research, amazing experience!

Muffy J. Scorpion

Stingy is as stingy does.

Rufus P. Tardigrade

Hanging on by my tarsal claws!

W.E.B. D.B. Peregrine, Jr.

Great view. Nurturing environment. Can't wait to get my wings and fly off the edge. Meanwhile, watch out for my Dadinator, and come check me out at