Abdul Basabrain/Victor Agwu

My man since day 1

Ziyi Yang

This is nice lunch. I love UMASS!!!!

Angela E/Forootan A/Abdul B/Emily M

It's been dope (3,4-dihydroxyphenethylamine)

Joel Adade

Good Job, Daniel!!!

Helen Chow

I had a fun time as a Biology major at UMass. Great professors and classes. It's a good ol' time.

Dr. Cristina Cox Fernandes and Rachel Keeffe

Fish ladies!

Bio Graduates?

Keep on reflecting!!!

Karen Makhoul/ Kayla Naufal

we're just here for the food :)

Ellen Yang

Kevin Makhoul/Abdul Basabrain/Peter Makhoul

Class Dismissed ;)

Yue Dai

Love foods!!

Darren Mallett

I love UMass Biology!

Harli Weber, Angela Essa

Thank you for an incredible past four years! We have learned so much, and will carry everything that we have learned here to medical school and beyond. Go UMass Class of 2017! Peace, love, and biology.

Stefania Mijal

Thank you UMass!!

Erina Taradai

Graduating biologist with a future biologist!

Min Su Kim


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Muffy J. Scorpion

Stingy is as stingy does.

Rufus P. Tardigrade

Hanging on by my tarsal claws!

W.E.B. D.B. Peregrine, Jr.

Great view. Nurturing environment. Can't wait to get my wings and fly off the edge. Meanwhile, watch out for my Dadinator, and come check me out at http://www.library.umass.edu/falcons.