Chelsea King

yee boi

Gina Benedetto

Thank you for everyone who made my college experience so wonderful!

Nathan Nelson-Maney

Sr. year had us like...


Elefteria Puka

Worked hard, played harder!!

Nathan Nelson-Maney

Seniors Wooooooo!!11!!!1!!! <3 :'(

Adi & Idan Davidyan

Erin Quigley

UMASS '16 <3

Jennifer Wen and Maya Gelbard

Zachary DeStefano


Lisa Pinatti and Carolyn McDonagh

Lauren Ramos, Erika Nevins, Matt Cleveland

Bio friends!

Amira Soltani, Soumia Soltani

Shannon Kelly

Thanks for the good times UMASS!!! We will miss you!!

Amira Soltani, Soumia Soltani

Lena Golick

Douglas Calenda

Pelagia Graciela Candelas

live love biology

Brenna Cole

Katie, Ashleen, Rowan, Connor, and Adam!

TFB seniors (minus Isaac) and Adam

Kimberly Isleib

W.E.B. D.B. Peregrine, Jr.

Great view. Nurturing environment. Can't wait to get my wings and fly off the edge. Meanwhile, watch out for my Dadinator, and come check me out at

William Bradford

Chandree Costa

Rachel Bednarz


Rufus P. Tardigrade

Hanging on by my tarsal claws!

Alison Nagy

Biology Friends

Mark Kerstens, Rebecca Quirie, Anthony Fappiano, Jonathan Abbott and friends

Muffy J. Scorpion

Stingy is as stingy does.

Elena Drews

Rebecca and Brianna Swierk