Zebrafish The UMass Amherst Biology department has
three research groups who study
embryonic development using the zebrafish
as a model system.

Each research group maintains
a separate zebrafish room.
Up to 25,000 fish are swimming around
at any given time.

These facilities are managed and maintained by
our Zebrafish Facility Manager:
Judy Bennett

email: jbennett@bio.umass.edu
ph: 413-577-3457

Zebrafish Husbandry Association (ZBA)

ZFIN: The Zebrafish Model Organism Database

Fish Facility Training Presentation

Karlstrom Lab Facility  
Established 1999
11 racks
 ~ 700 Tanks
 8-10,000 Fish

ph: 413-577-3448

Aquatic Habitats System

Jensen Lab Facility
Established 2003
8 racks
  ~550 Tanks
 5-7,000 Fish

ph: 413-545-4750

Aquaneering System

Downes Lab Facility
Established 2006
4 racks
 ~ 300 Tanks
3,000 Fish, and growing

ph: 413-545-1266

Aquaneering System and
3 shelf Aquatic Habitats
Quarantine System