The Zebrafish Flipbook Movie.

Here are the movies:

the Little Flipbook (10 Mb)

the Real Flipbook (33Mb, not for phone modems!)

We get lots of requests for the use of the Zebrafish Flipbook Movie! If you would like to use it, this is what you need to do:

1. Please tell us what you want it for, and ask one of us to use it.

Our addresses:

2. Reference us correctly. Really.

It looks like this:

 RO Karlstrom and DA Kane
A flipbook of zebrafish embryogenesis
Development (1996) 123:461

(Note that it is actually Development 123:1-461, but that is a perhaps a minor gripe.)

3. If used in a commercial product, like DVD or VHS, (especially if it costs a lot) please send mail us each a copy. If used in a broadcast of some nature, please send us a recording. If used in a web site, please email us the http reference tag of the movie.

Our snail mail:
 Don Kane
Dept of Biology
213 Hutchison
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627
 Rolf Karlstrom
Biology Department
611 N Pleasant St.
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003