Some Guiding Principles Of the Lab


  1. Understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms that guide embryonic formation of the vertebrate forebrain and pituitary gland. 
  2. Explore how embryonic cell-cell signaling systems continue to guide neural and endocrine function and growth through larval development and in the adult. 
  3. Develop new tools for the study of cell-cell signaling, including Hedgehog mediated signaling, and share these tools freely with the scientific community.
  4. Uncover new functions for previously studied signaling systems.
  5. Help develop zebrafish as a teaching tool in the K-12 classroom to expose the next generation to the unexplored and exciting world of neuroscience and developmental neurobiology.
  6. Disseminate our findings to the general public to help stimulate interest in science overall, and educate the public about the critical role basic research plays in our pursuit of a better understanding of our natural world and in our attempts to tackle major medical conditions that affect our species.