Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Research:

Undergratduate students can apply to work in the lab at the beginning of each semester using the Biology Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship (BURA, https://www.bio.umass.edu/bura/) website.  2-4 undergraduate researchers are part of the lab group at any given time and projects we be listed as slots become available.

Graduate Research:

Graduate students come into the lab through the Neuroscience and Behavrior (NSB, http://www.umass.edu/neuro/) or Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB, http://www.bio.umass.edu/mcb/) graduate programs.  After acceptance, interested individuals should contact tthe PI to arrange for a semester-long "rotation" in the lab.

Postdoctoral Research:

There are currently no new funded postdoctoral positions in the lab.  Interested applicants with the promise of independent funding should contact the PI.  An extensive list of postdoctoral funding opportunities can be found at: https://asntech.github.io/postdoc-funding-schemes/