Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Research:
Undergratduate students can apply to work in the lab at the beginning of each semester using the Biology Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship (BURA, https://www.bio.umass.edu/bura/) website.  2-4 undergraduate researchers are part of the lab group at any given time and projects we be listed as slots become available.
Graduate Research:
Graduate students come into the lab through the Neuroscience and Behavrior (NSB, http://www.umass.edu/neuro/) or Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB, http://www.bio.umass.edu/mcb/) graduate programs.  After acceptance, interested individuals should contact tthe PI to arrange for a semester-long "rotation" in the lab.
Postdoctoral Research:
There are currently no new funded postdoctoral positions in the lab.  Interested applicants with the promise of independent funding should contact the PI.