Greenhouse: Growth Chambers

The growth chambers were purchased in 2000 by a National Science Foundation grant from the Conviron Company, and are located in a room of over 1000 sq ft. that is contiguous with ranges #1 to #4. The equipment was installed in 2001 and includes:

  1. Four PGW-36 large reach-in units with 3.3 m2x 200 cm of growing space. Lighting delivers 960 umoles/m2/sec, and temperatures may be controlled between 4 and 45C with a variation of 0.5C.
  2. Four E7/2 dual compartment units, each of which has 0.76 m2 x 64 cm of growing space. Lighting delivers up to 33 umoles/m2/sec. Temperature ranges are similar to the reach-in chambers.
  3. One 125L incubator with 5 shelves, lighting and humidity controls, and horizontal airflow patterns.

    All of the growth chambers feature an adjustable, counter balanced light canopy, a sampling tube that allows control at plant canopy height, and a design that permits plants to be placed directly on the floor.