Ubiquitins Revisited: Further Examples of Within- and Between-Locus Concerted Evolution


Ying Tan, Stephen T. Bishoff, and MA Riley


Ubiquitin genes provide a model for studying the effects of concerted evolution on the evolution of a family of short repeated sequences. Previous work has demonstrated the occurrence of within-locus concerted evolution and raised the question of the effectiveness of between-locus concerted evolution for ubiquitin repeats. In this study comparative analysis of additional nucleotide sequences of ubiquitin tandem repeats provides further details of within-locus concerted evolution. Moreover, the availability of multiple polyubiquitin loci and ubiquitin fusion loci within a species makes possible the detection of between-locus concerted evolution. These data indicate that concerted evolution is an effective force for homogenizing repeats between, as well as within, loci.

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