Can phage defence maintain colicin plasmids in Escherichia coli?


Feldgarden M, Golden S, Wilson H, Riley MA.


We examined the role of plasmid-based phage defence in maintaining plasmids, using colicin plasmids in Escherichia coli as a model system. Experimental data indicated that the possession of a colicin plasmid can confer limited protection against bacteriophages. A continuous culture model, using these experimental values, indicated that the observed limited protection alone could selectively maintain colicin plasmids, without requiring a competitive advantage due to colicinogeny. Phage defence might explain the current maintenance of colicin plasmids, given the naturally occurring high levels of resistance to colicins. This model also suggests that many plasmids might be maintained in natural populations, in part, by phage resistance, including 'cryptic' plasmids for which no phenotype is known.

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