Rapid Identification of Bacterial Biofilms and Biofilm Wound Models Using a Multichannel Nanosensor


Xiaoning Li, Hao Kong, Rubul Mout, Krishnendu Saha, Daniel F. Moyano, Sandra M. Robinson, Subinoy Rana, Xinrong Zhang, Margaret A. Riley, and Vincent M. Rotello


Identification of infectious bacteria responsible for biofilm-associated infections is challenging due to the complex and heterogeneous biofilm matrix. To address this issue and minimize the impact of heterogeneity on biofilm identification, we developed a gold nanoparticle (AuNP)-based multichannel sensor to detect and identify biofilms based on their physicochemical properties. Our results showed that the sensor can discriminate six bacterial biofilms including two composed of uropathogenic bacteria. The capability of the sensor was further demonstrated through discrimination of biofilms in a mixed bacteria/mammalian cell in vitro wound model.

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