Congratulations to Natalie Getsey for entering the UMass Innovation Competition 2021 - One Minute Pitch. Her company is Next Cornea, which is developing an artificial cornea embedded with a non-toxic antimicrobial that prevents infections that cause blindness, as a safer alternative to harmful, long-term antibiotic treatments.

Congratulations to Organicin Scientific, a start-up company founded by two former Riley Lab members (Griffin O'Driscoll and Mathew Mitchel) for winning a coveted slot in the 2021 BlueSwell Incubator, which is sponsored by Sea Ahead, a bluetech startup platform, founded in Boston. They help build companies, facilitate investments and are catalyzing a bluetech cluster in the Northeast. The BlueSwell Incubator is designed to support the creation and growth of startups with scalable solutions that enhance ocean health, sustainable ocean industry, and global resilience.

Check out Prof Riley's latest book: Empowering Underrepresented Students in Science, STEM Students Speak. Sonji Johnson-Anderson, Ranjana Lingutla, and Margaret Riley
STEM Students Speak

Congratulations to Prof Riley on winning the 2021 Mahoney Life Sciences Prize

Congratulations to Riley lab members: Hailey Charest, Hadley Beauregard and Bryanna Frietas for winning first prize in the 2020 Innovation Challenge

Listen Dr. Riley rejoins Bill Nye in his podcast Science Rules - Your Relationship (With Your Germs)

Listen Dr. Riley joins Samantha Jones in her podcast - Antibiotics - It's Complicated

Read Student founded start-up, Organicin Scientific, wins third prize in the 2019 Innovation Competition. The venture aspires to combat the “slow-motion tsunami” of increasing microbial resistance to antibiotics. To that end, the team is developing revolutionary proteins that target the culprits while avoiding collateral damage to the local microbiome.

Congratulations to Mathew Mitchel who was awarded a summer internship fellowship supported by the IALS M2M Plant and Microbial Interactions Group!

Listen Dr. Riley joins Bill Nye in his podcast - The right drug for the right bug

Read Dr. Riley is interviewd by Corey Freedman in an article on antibiotic resistance for Newsweek entitled: The Death of Antibiotics: We're Running Out of Effective Drugs to Fight Off an Army of Superbugs.

Congratulations to Raquel Perry who was awarded the 2019 BMB Henry Little Award for excellence in Biochemistry!

Congratulations to Josh Mallon who was invited to give a lecture at the 2019 iCons Senior Research Exposition!

Watch Dr. Riley joins Bill Nye in his Netflix show - Bill Nye Saves the Worldl!

Watch Dr. Riley give a TedX talk entitled: Rethinking the antibiotic arsenal in the era of the microbiome.

Click here to access "Resistance is futile," a talk delivered by Dr. Riley on bacteriocins as target-specific antimicrobials and antibiotic resistance.

Read about Dr. Riley leading a campus group at a Beijing bacteriocin drug conference.

Watch Dr. Riley speak with Josh Zepps from the Huffington Post in an interivew entitled: Drug Resistant Superbugs, Step Aside!

Follow this link to read the feature article on Dr. Riley published by ResearchNext Reining in Antibiotics!

Watch Dr. Riley speak about the Microbial Species Concept at the annual meeting of the Joint Genome Institute.

Watch Dr. Riley speaks with Bill Nye about antibiotic resistance on his show - The Eyese of Nye.

Listen to Dr. Riley and other speakers at the Third Annual Spring Symposium, Genome-scale Phylogenetics, hosted by NMNH's Frontiers in Phylogenetics Program! Click on the link to download by speaker and topic.

Read Dr. Riley interviewed by Skip Dierra about how nature provides the key to defeating superbugs.

Read Dr. Riley interviewed by Cory Powell at Mach in an article entitled: The 'Post-Antibiotic Apocalypse' Can Be Prevented. Here's How.

Read ImmuCell Corporation announces collaboration with Dr. Riley to treat bovine mastitis with bacteriocins.

Check out the UMass Biology Department video that Dr. Riley and lab members contributed to here -

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