Prof. Riley teaches several formal courses:
- Quantitative Systems - which applies the theme of modeling and hands-on experimentation to core concepts in evolution, physiology, and ecology introductory biology;

- Biology of Social Issues - which provides non-science majors with the basic scientific knowledge that an informed citizen requires to develop thoughtful positions on sometimes controversial questions related to the microbiome, antibiotic resistance, environmental degradation, and more;

- The Human Microbiome in Health and Disease - which provides an in depth examination of the human microbiome and explores how changes in the microbiome can result in disease.

She has also developed several CUREs - "Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experiences" - which are designed to bring Freshman directly into a research experience. Students in these courses engage in authentic research projects and learn about the scientific method, experimental design, data analysis, and science communication. These courses are powerful experiences that help students gain their own science identities early in their college careers.

Finally, Prof Riley encourages her students to bring their creativity and passion into the classroom through science outreach activities. Students choose to make music video's, write stories, engage in citizen science projects, or create art. The students truly enjoy bringing the talents and interests to their science - and the final products are simply amazing!

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