Senior Registration

Graduating Soon!?

Remember to check that you have a plan to complete all major requirements prior to graduation.

Remember you need to receive a C or better in your Biology Major courses and a C- or better in all Math and Physical Science courses

Important Note Regarding P/F courses for Spring 2020 & Fall 2020

If you elected Pass or Fail for major requirements during the Spring 2020 or Fall 2020 semester, these will count towards your Biology major requirements. These courses may not show as satisfying major requirements in your Academic Requirements Report (ARR). Do not panic. There is no need to check in with an advisor. We are aware of the courses you have made P/F and they will count towards graduation.

Concerns, questions or want to check to make sure you have completed your degree requirements?

Make a Reg. Adv. (Senior) Appointment (20 mins)


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