Sophomore Registration

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As a Sophomore Biology major you should continue through your sequence of chemistry courses. Be sure to review the registration newsletter to find Sophomore level Biology electives that align with your interests.  

Remember you need to complete one course from Four of the Five areas in which we offer upper level Biology electives.  

Some course options include

BIOL 311 - General Genetics  

BIOL 285 - Cell & Molecular Biology  

BIOL 288 - Introductory Physiology  

BIOL 280 - Evolution  

BIOL 287 - Introductory Ecology  

*We advise not taking more than 2 upper level Biology electives in one semester*

Concerns, questions or want to check-in with an Advisor?

Make a Reg. Adv. (Sophomore) Appointment (20 mins)


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