William & Margaret Nutting Scholarship

The purpose of the William and Margaret Nutting Scholarship is to recognize and reward achievement of excellence by an undergraduate at the University of Massachusetts in the biological sciences. The scholarship is named in honor of distinguished Zoology professor William Nutting and his wife/artist/assistant, Margaret. The endowment funds for the scholarship were generously donated by Professor Nutting's former students.

According to the terms of the gift, nominees must meet the following criteria: (1) students must have an overall grade point average of at least 3.0 in both general and biological science courses after a minimum of 12 science credits completed; (2) students must currently hold freshman, sophomore or junior standing. Two awards of $500 are available. Nominations are usually due in April. Self-nominations are accepted. For more information, contact Duncan Irschick.

Application deadlines and instructions for the 2019 award will be posted when available