Biology Courses

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Second semester of a full year course for majors in the life sciences. Topics include plant and animal structure and physiology, evolution, and ecology. Prerequisite: BIOLOGY 151 with grade of C or better.

This course is a 2 credit laboratory experience that allows students to apply the biological concepts covered in Biology 151 and 152 Introductory Biology in laboratory and field settings. Students will develop and practice scientific research skills while exploring the areas of genetics, cell and molecular biology, evolution, and ecology. To enroll, students must be co-enrolled in Biology 152 (Introductory Biology II) or have completed the 2 semester Introductory Biology Sequence (Biology 151 and 152).

Satisfies Junior Year Writing requirement for Biology majors. Students write and revise short papers on subjects likely to be encountered by biologists. Prerequisites: 3 biological science courses, for declared Biology majors only. Read more for Learning Goals and Instructor Narratives describing the focus of different sections.

This 1-credit course fulfills one component of the General Education Integrative Experience requirement for Biology majors. The course is designed to help students appreciate what their academic training has been, and where it is leading them professionally. Students will learn about career options for life scientists and develop strategies and skills to position themselves to be successful. In order to satisfy the Integrative Experience requirement, BA-Biol and BS-Biol majors must also take one of the approved 3- or 4-credit Biology courses listed on their Academic Requirements Report.