379H--Genomics and Bioinformatics

A practical, hands-on approach to subjects within computational molecular biology. Recently, there have been huge advances in our ability to understand the genome and how different genomes interact in an environment using next-generation sequencing. Analyzing these revolutionary new datasets will be essential for molecular biology in the future. Foundational topics will include analysis of whole transcriptome, whole genome, and microbiome sequencing. No coding experience required.
Prerequisites: Open to Honors Students ONLY. C or better in BIOL 151 or 161H AND a C or better in BIOL 152 or 162H; BIOL 285 OR BIOCHEM 275 OR BIOL 283 (C or better)

Fulfills biology core requirement area(s):

Genetics and Molecular Biology

Fulfills plant requirement for biology majors?


Fulfills lab requirement for biology majors?


Fulfills general education requirement for non-biology majors?