397MH--Cellular & Molecular Biology Lab

Cellular and Molecular Biology Lab is a hands-on project-based course where students explore aspects of cell biology, particularly how proteins within cells are targeted to their correct intracellular location. The class will focus on targeting proteins to intracellular organelles. To approach this cell biological question, students will be using a host of current tools in the life sciences including, bioinformatics, DNA cloning, cell transformation, and microscopy. This course is meant to provide a laboratory perspective to many of the concepts taught in Biology 285. It is NOT necessary to have taken Biology 285, but students must at least be enrolled in Biology 285 concurrently with this course.

Fulfills biology core requirement area(s):

Cellular Biology and Development

Fulfills plant requirement for biology majors?


Fulfills lab requirement for biology majors?


Fulfills general education requirement for non-biology majors?