MCB 641 (Visconti, Lee, Maresca)

This course is taught by a team of faculty. We will examine several aspects of cell biology using a combination of lectures and discussions of experimental data from primary literature, covering topics in cellular signaling during development, cellular events during cell cycle progression, and cytoskeleton dynamics during mitosis.
Class attendance and in-class participation are mandatory. During the majority of scheduled classes you will be required to critically examine, analyze, judge, evaluate, and criticize the methods and logics of the assigned articles. You are expected to have fully read the assigned article prior to coming to class. Our goals are to learn (1) how to formulate logical hypotheses, (2) how to design experiments, and (3) how to critically evaluate experimental results. These will hopefully better prepare you to understand what actually constitutes a research article.
Your learning will culminate in the writing of a full NIH-style grant proposal on a topic related to class. Your proposals will be critiqued by your fellow classmates and vice versa. Your grade will be based on class participation, class assignments, and two written grant proposals (‘Method Proposal” and “Grant Proposal”).

Fulfills biology core requirement area(s):


Fulfills plant requirement for biology majors?


Fulfills lab requirement for biology majors?


Fulfills general education requirement for non-biology majors?