Courses Approved as Biology Major Electives

The following lists specify the courses that may be taken toward fulfillment of the biology core requirements. If a course appears in more than one area, it may used to fill only one area requirement. Note that only courses in the Biology Department can count toward the minor.

[PL] = Course that fulfills the "plant course" requirement.

[Lab] = Course that fulfills the "lab or field component" requirement.


BIOL 284 Genetics Lab [Lab]

BIOL 285 Cell & Molecular Biology

BIOL 297Q Phage Bioinformatics [Lab]

BIOL 311 General Genetics (formerly BIOL 283)

BIOL 379H Genomics and Bioinformatics

BIOL 383H Gene & Genome Analysis [PL] [Lab]

BIOL 397MH Cell & Molecular Biology Lab [Lab]

BIOL 484 Cancer Genetics

BIOL 486H Tackling Biomedical Problems with Molecular Biology [PL] [Lab]

BIOL 497D Genomics and Data Science [Lab]

BIOL 497G Human Genome Analysis [Lab]

BIOL 514 Population Genetics

BIOL 583 Advanced Genetics

BIOL 597GE Evolutionary Genomics and Bioinformatics [Lab]


BIOL 285 Cell & Molecular Biology

BIOL 397MH Cellular and Molecular Biology Lab [Lab]

BIOL 477H Bioimaging [Lab]

BIOL 475 Plant Cell Biology [PL]

BIOL 523 Histology [Lab]

BIOL 559 Cell & Molecular Biology II

BIOL 580 Developmental Biology

BIOL 582 From DNA to Diversity: The Evolution and Development of Animal Form [Lab]

BIOL 597CD Cellular Biology of Disease

ANIMSCI 390E Fundamental Vertebrate Embryology [Lab]

ANIMSCI 581 Cancer Biology


BIOL 288 Introductory Physiology

BIOL 372 Introductory Neurobiology

BIOL 397N Neurobiology and Physiology Lab [Lab]

BIOL 497AM How Animals Move

BIOL 510 Plant Physiology [PL]

BIOL 564 Human Physiology

BIOL 566 Comparative Animal Physiology

BIOL 568 Endocrinology

BIOL 572 Neurobiology

BIOL 597NB Developmental Neurobiology

BIOL 597NE Neural Basis of Animal Behavior

ANIMSCI 421 Wildlife Reproduction

ANIMSCI 472 Infection and Immunity

ANIMSCI 521 Physiology of Reproduction [Lab]

ANIMSCI 572 Molecular Immunology

ANTHRO 305 Growth and Development


BIOL 280 Evolution

BIOL 424 Marine Biology [Lab]

BIOL 426 New England Flora [PL] [Lab]

BIOL 427 How to Make the Perfect Plant [PL][Lab]

BIOL 487H Tropical Field Biology [PL] [Lab]

BIOL 514 Population Genetics

BIOL 528 Principles of Evolution

BIOL 542 Ichthyology [Lab]

BIOL 544 Ornithology [Lab]

BIOL 548 Mammalogy [Lab]

BIOL 582 From DNA to Diversity: The Evolution and Development of Animal Form [Lab beginning F20]

BIOL 597GE Evolutionary Genetics [Lab]

ANTHRO 394EI Evolutionary Medicine

ENVIRSCI 515 Microbiology of the Soil


BIOL 287 Introductory Ecology

BIOL 421 Plant Ecology [PL] [Lab]

BIOL 422 Field Ecology: An Experimental Approach [PL][Lab]

BIOL 424 Marine Biology [Lab]

BIOL 426 New England Flora [PL] [Lab]

BIOL 544 Ornithology [Lab]

BIOL 550 Animal Behavior [Lab]

BIOL 551 Animal Communication

ANTHRO 317 Primate Behavior

NRC 590AE Aquatic Ecology

NRC 590IE Invasion Ecology

NRC 590M Marine Ecology

NRC 547 Global Change Ecology

NRC 566 Restoration Ecology

NRC 470 Ecology of Fish [Lab]


BIOL 335 Topics in Plant Biology [PL]

BIOL 401 Great Papers in Biology

BIOL 597MB The Human Microbiome in Health and Disease